API Documentation for: 1.0.0

VideoBuffer Class

Defined in: VideoBuffer:41
Module: EaselJS

When an HTML video seeks, including when looping, there is an indeterminate period before a new frame is available. This can result in the video blinking or flashing when it is drawn to a canvas. The VideoBuffer class resolves this issue by drawing each frame to an off-screen canvas and preserving the prior frame during a seek.

var myBuffer = new createjs.VideoBuffer(myVideo);
var myBitmap = new Bitmap(myBuffer);



  • video

Defined in VideoBuffer:41


  • video HTMLVideoElement

    The HTML video element to buffer.

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() protected

Defined in _videoReady:118



Defined in getImage:95

Gets an HTML canvas element showing the current video frame, or the previous frame if in a seek / loop. Primarily for use by Bitmap.



HTMLCanvasElement protected

Defined in _canvas:73

Default: 0


Number protected

Defined in _lastTime:81

Default: -1


HTMLVideoElement protected

Defined in _video:65

Default: 0


Number protected

Defined in readyState:56

Used by Bitmap to determine when the video buffer is ready to be drawn. Not intended for general use.

Default: 0