API Documentation for: 1.0.0

CordovaAudioLoader Class

Extends XHRRequest
Defined in: CordovaAudioLoader:40
Module: SoundJS

Loader provides a mechanism to preload Cordova audio content via PreloadJS or internally. Instances are returned to the preloader, and the load method is called when the asset needs to be requested. Currently files are assumed to be local and no loading actually takes place. This class exists to more easily support the existing architecture.



() protected

will attempt to get duration of audio until successful or time passes this._item.loadTimeout


  • error

Fires if audio cannot seek, indicating that src does not exist.




Number protected

Defined in _loadTime:62

A time counter that triggers timeout if loading takes too long


Media protected

Defined in _media:54

A Media object used to determine if src exists and to get duration


Number protected

Defined in _TIMER_FREQUENCY:70

The frequency to fire the loading timer until duration can be retrieved